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One casting workspace for your entire team

Create and manage unlimited castings with your team members in one workspace on Voxing Pro. Centralised projects speed up team decision making and provide visibility of what has been discussed and decided with actors and other project participants.

Project Management

Create casting

Voxing Pro “Projects & Bookings”

In Projects & Bookings, click on “Create a new project” et name the casting.

Add actors to castings

Actor profile in casting search

Add team members to your account

Invite your team to your Voxing Pro workspace

Speed up the casting phase and team decision making thanks to your collaborative Voxing Pro account! Invite team members by clicking “Team” and providing their email address. They’ll receive an email alert that they have been added to your Voxing Pro workspace. Access can be revoked at any time!

Add team members to specific castings

Team members must be added to your Voxing Pro account in “Teams” before they can be invited to specific projects.

In “Projects & Bookings” click “Actions” to the right of the casting in question and then select “Manage team members”.

Your team members will only see and can access castings they have created or been added to.

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