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Having a Voxing Pro profile means promotion of your voice samples, experience and photo in casting used by 750+ Producers and Voice Directors. But did you know we promote you and get you seen and heard by these professionals in other ways?

Promotion of your profile

In our newsletter sent to Producers & Creative Directors

Voxing Pro actors with Piano, Forte and Fortissimo subscriptions are promoted to Producers & Creative Directors in our newsletter several times a year. Our publication includes actor photos, voice descriptions, languages, short presentation and links to actor profiles.

As in our casting tools, the order and frequency an actor is promoted depends on the Voxing Pro subscription they have.

Your profile, voice description and latest news as it appears in the newsletter sent to Producers and Creative Directors

On the Voxing Pro Homepage

Depending on the subscription you choose, your profile is highlighted on the Voxing Pro homepage, visited by many studios and agencies!

Promotion on the homepage is included in Piano, Forte and Fortissimo subscriptions. All you need to is share your news with our team when you receive our email requests.

Your profile and current news as presented on the Voxing Pro homepage

On our Social Networks

We often share Voxing Pro actors’ news with our network on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter et Instagram.

Simply share your latest news with our team by tagging us in your posts, tell us about your successes and great encounters you have had thanks to Voxing Pro and we’ll share your page and your story!

Example of one of our posts promoting Voxing Pro actor success stories
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