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A Voxing Pro profile is an incredibly effective marketing tool and actors benefit from intense promotion of their profiles to Producers and Creative Directors registered on the platform. But did you know that Voxing Pro also allows you to have an elaborate and easy-to-update personal website, created especially for voiceover and dubbing actors, that ranks very high in internet search results?

A beautiful and complete digital showcase

Depending on the Voxing Pro subscription you choose, your website offers more or less personalisation possibilities.

A captive headshot to get their attention

Your website homepage offers two possibilities: one big photo (non-modifiable for Tempo profiles) and one Avatar image (shown in Casting tool searches).

Homepage photo for Tempo profiles

With Piano and higher subscriptions, you can personalise your website in many ways. Choose a custom background photo, mask your Avatar, and write a welcome message that highlights your currents news, or talk about a particularity of your voice.

Personalised webpage of Piano, Forte and Fortissimo subscriptions

Your Dubbing References

With a Tempo subscription, all your dubbing references are listed in a text-only list, filtered by the original actor. You can re-order the list as you like (ex putting the actor you dub regularly on top of the list).

Dubbing references as published on Tempo profiles

With Piano and higher subscriptions, your dubbing references are more elaborate with photos of all the actors you dub and not only a simple text list. No other website offers such a glamorous showcase of your dubbing experience, whether you dub a certain type of character or a diverse selection.

Dubbing references as published on Piano, Forte and Fortissimo profiles

Elaborate CV Presentation

Use this section to present your professional voice experience in detail. Keep your presentation “airy” and highlight your voice characteristics, your experience, references, etc.

With Piano, Forte and Fortissimo profiles, you can write as much as you wish!

All your photos, and audio & video samples in one place

Audio, video, photos… you can show off your voice and photos with unlimited files with Forte and Fortissimo subscriptions. Everything is organised by the type of project and the type of media (broadcast, demo, etc.).

Of course, the Tempo and Piano subscriptions also permit you to publish enough media to show off your work to visitors and potential clients!

Control your brand image with a website that ranks high in search engine searches!

In just a few days your Voxing Pro profile shows up in the top search engine results when someone searches with your name.

In addition to excellent ranking in the search engines, your profile and voice media are referenced in the casting tools used by Producers and Creative Directors registered on Voxing Pro!

Your website in top Google search results
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