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Having a profile on Voxing Pro means having an ultra-complete and aesthetic personal site, visible to everyone, but especially to producers! But did you know that it also allowed you to access advanced data about your page?

An ultra-complete analysis of who is listening and what they are listening to most

Depending on the level of your subscription, you have access to many statistics which allow you, among other things, to know more about your listeners, and your best performing samples!

Tempo Subscription Statistics

  • Number of views of your public profile page
  • Number of listens of your samples in the internal casting tool used by producers and creative directors registered on Voxing Pro  
  • Total number of listens of your samples via the internal casting tool + your public page

Piano Subscription Statistics

Tempo profile statistics, and:

  • Most listened to voice categories on Voxing Pro
  • Number of individual listens of your audio and video samples
  • Number of emails sent to you by producers via Voxing Pro

Forte and Fortissimo Subscription Statistics

Piano profile statistics, and:

  • Names of producers who listened to you and how many times
  • Name of producers who clicked on your phone number
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