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Did you know you can add your private contacts – voice actors and other project stakeholders not present on Voxing Pro – to castings you manage on the platform? You can even include these contacts in group messages when organising projects.

Adding your private contacts

Save time contacting everyone involved in a project from one workspace. Conversations are saved by project and contact.

Once connected, jump to “Favorites” and add your actors individually or download our excel import template to add multiple actors at one time. Your Favorites list remains confidential – Voxing Pro will never contact anyone in your list.

Favorites in Voxing Pro workspace

Send group SMS messages

Did you know you can also send a “personalised” SMS message to several actors at once in just a few clicks from the Projects & Bookings section?

You can even choose the response format (yes/no, availabilities, free text) and your conversations are saved by actor and by project.

SMS tool in the “booking” tab

Send group SMS messages

To welcome you to the platform, Voxing Pro offers you 500 free SMS credits once your inscription request is validated. If you need more credits, you can purchase them at cost in “SMS Credits”.

Check out our tutorial video

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