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Registering on Voxing Pro means benefiting from an aesthetic, complete and extremely well-referenced personal site, as well as maximum visibility with voice-over and dubbing productions.

Here is in detail how our different profiles Tempo , Piano , Forte , Fortissimo put you on the front of the stage!

Your profile in the producers’ casting tools

First, your profile appears in the casting tool used by over 750 producers and art directors registered on the platform.

With more than 28 infinitely combinable filters, producers can precisely find the voice that suits them. All the data you have entered in your profile is listed there and contributes to your ranking in searches.

Depending on your subscription, your profile appears in the first casting results. First appear the Fortissimo subscribers, then Forte , then Piano , and finally the Tempo actors.

In the casting search by actor

If the producer is looking for people with experience in a specific field or able to travel to other regions, only actors with a Piano profile or higher have access to the experience criteria or to fill in several workplaces. Their chance of being cast is therefore multiplied!

The profiles of Voxing Pro comedians as they appear in the search by profile.

In casting search by media

Then, your profile is better referenced thanks to your numerous audio and video extracts . The more your profile allows you to add audio and video clips in your profile, the more you will appear in a large number of casting searches. More snippets = more results in your name!

The audio and video extracts of the actors as they appear in the search by media.

In casting search by media

Finally, your profile is highlighted on the producer dashboard . It’s the first thing they see when they log into their account!

  • Your profile appears in the “They are among us” section with more or less frequency depending on your level of subscription.
  • If you do dubbing, your dubbing references scroll at the top of their space with the name of your dubbed actor, the associated film or series, and a link to your profile.
  • On the Twitter news feed that appears on their dashboard, newsletters highlighting your profiles, the great successes of our actors, their news, etc. are shared.
Dubbing references and actor profiles as they appear on the productions dashboard
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